Japan to Accept Over 100,000 Foreign Students


Japanese Government is showing its intention to accept more and more foreigners in these months.

For example, Japanese Cabinet has declared the following plans in a couple of months;

  • Acceptance of over 100,000 foreign students;
  • Increase of entrance limitation from 7,000 / day to 10,000 / day from April 10, 2022.

Some people criticize this movement in Japan, however, it is also true that many countries have already started to accept the foreigners. This means that the traffic of people are, even slowly, returning to what it was in middle of 2019.

On March 9, 2022, Japanese Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno has declared government’s forecast that many of 150,000 foreign students waiting to enter Japan would enter Japan until the end of May 2022. Actually, those who had been waiting in their home countries to enter Japan has entered and started to study in the school in Japan.

  ➡ 2年間待ってようやく入国 留学生たちも出席 宮崎市の専門学校で入学式・宮崎県 (2022年4月5日) (Only Japanese available)

It is forecasted that more and more foreigners would enter Japan in the near future. Therefore, it might be better for those who want to stay in Japan to prepare your visa application.

Reference: 外国人留学生受け入れ加速へ 未入国15万人に対応

Reference: 政府、5月末までに全留学生受け入れへ…平日便の空席活用で10万人超入国計画

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